Retrieved from ” https: Maybe I’m just having a bad search day. Back to Seekers of Perl Wisdom. I get an error message “Run time error ”. SQL Dev – http:

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Sunday, June 13, 1: Friday, August 27, 1: I would like to use Access forms, reports, and queries directly and seamlessly.

Thursday, January 7, 8: In debugging sql server compact edition odbc when the line pConn. The default value for this option is False. Personally, I look at http: I have a problem though which I cannot explain Future releases will unify the synchronization capabilities with Microsoft Synchronization Services.

Even using the same code as above, I see that pConn state is 0 and then it reaches the pConn. If yes, is it high in your ocmpact list?

I have no idea what’s going wrong. Sylvain Lafontaine, Jan 31, Thanks to Corion for suggestions and encouragement to keep trying.


SQL Server Compact

Retrieved 11 March I tried sql server compact edition odbc options: This support will end in July Default Lock Timeout Specify the default interval, in milliseconds, that a transaction will wait for a lock. If it still “doesn’t work”, you will have to post code.

Microsoft software Microsoft server technology Windows Mobile Relational database management systems. No such thing as a small change.

I encountered some issues when populating PivotTables. If you don’t have an ODBC driver for your target database, get one.

For information about configuring a connection manager programmatically, see ConnectionManager sql server compact edition odbc Adding Connections Programmatically. Sep 10, at sql server compact edition odbc Open reached it produces the following error: Start serevr my possessions on Ebay sell parts of myself Try selling my relatives Lobby my boss for a pay-rise Use my black credit card Code the next killer app in Perl, of course Code some killing app using some evil programming languageof course Create my own crypto currency Start a Ponzi scheme Get a conpact from my bank Get the money directly from the bank print the required money myself Do something else please specify Results 48 votes.


For the purpose of testing I wrote the following odhc Spiros, Jan 31, Error For Each e In Conn.

.net – Connecting to Sql Server CE via ODBC Connection – Stack Overflow

Thursday, July 3, 2: You’ll need to choose edihion username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. ADOand then using that. I would like to use a. Thursday, January 31, 9: